About the Project


Hi, I'm Eva!


I created Save the Sea Project with the intention of doing something good for my hometown - Gdynia. Social initiatives have always held a special place in my heart, from throwing the first cent in my school's money box for the local shelter to then organizing countless fundraisers in my role as Global Volunteer Network Lead in Thomson Reuters to finally creating my own social initiative where I campaign for greater environmental awareness and bring tangible help where it is needed. 

As a daughter of an artist, currently working in a family jewelry company, I have used my resources and skills to create something that matches my values and, at the same time, contributes in a concrete way to shaping a better tomorrow. This is how Save the Sea Bracelet was born, where ALL the proceeds are donated to the chosen Baltic Sea protection initiative. It took me one year to single-handedly prepare a big launch. However, finding a beneficiary for my project who agrees to use the money for a specific and tangible goal has been harder than I expected...

Why have I decided to run a project pro bono? The answer is simple. Because I want and can help. Save the Sea Project is not skyrocketing on social media. But it IS real and honest. Can I tell you more about it?

Ta sama gazeta... 20 lat różnicy!

About the Project


Growing up on the coast, I have never really looked beyond the benefits that come with it. In time, however, I've become more aware and willing to learn the mechanisms that influence our environment and, therefore Baltic Sea's condition. Plastic pollution, oil leakages, ghost nets, and even blue-green algae.. the source of all of it lies in our human activities. That is why, apart from the financial support, I wish for the Save the Sea Bracelet to become a hallmark of all those who care about our environment and love our ocean. As a symbol of social responsibility, it may contribute to the growth of environmental awareness. 

Save the Sea Bracelets is made of the highest quality materials - 925 sterling silver and rPET cord that guarantee its durability. The cord is made of rPET yarn derived from plastic bottles and other post-consumer industrial PET waste. The packaging is 100% eco-friendly and consistent with the Project's mission. The Bracelet comes in a mini glass bottle filled with natural amber and wrapped in woodchips from the local carpentry to prevent damage in transit. EUIPO protects the Bracelet's design to make sure the initiative remains forever unique - just like the community that supports it. 

Beneficiary Selection  

The main criteria when it comes to selecting a beneficiary for my Project was that the donated money must be used for a realization of a tangible goal and not disappear under more or less generic promises. It was of vital importance for me that when someone decides to buy a bracelet, they know exactly where the money goes and can also identify with this goal. To my surprise, the majority of the charity organizations that I contacted, both local and international, have refused my request and this one condition. However, in the Summer of 2019, my paths luckily crossed with Dominika Wojcieszek - Head of the Education Center in Gdynia Aquarium. Since then, we have created a strong tandem fighting together for a better future. 

After finishing the first edition of my Save the Sea Project and reaching my goal - raising 20.000 zlotych to purchase the sea cleaning device Seabin for my city, it has become clear that I want to do more. That is why now I launch limited editions of my Bracelet wherever bad things happen in the world to show my and my community's support for the global problems, deeply believing that every little helps! 


To Sum Up


I would like to thank YOU for your attention and time spent reading this story. One of the lessons I have learned during this journey is that it not easy to find people who genuinely CARE. Thank you for being one of them. 

Save the Sea Project is a social initiative that unites and engages people in a dialogue about the state of the Baltic Sea. Over time it has transformed and become an opportunity to take an active social attitude towards many global crises where our love and compassion for another human being can perform miracles. In this regard, it is a fulfillment of both my philanthropic dreams and ambitions. Save the Sea Bracelet is unequivocally the first of this kind, where really 100% of proceeds are being donated to charity. Without hidden agenda or marketing interests. Why? Because real philanthropy is not interest-fueled but dream-fueled. And there is still a place for selflessness in the world.

The help that Save the Sea Bracelet brings along is the fruit of labor of everyone who decided to support this initiative. And that makes it really one of a kind. 



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